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This is C – frame, Vertical wax injection machine. The die/tool is placed on the work table. The Down stroking injection Nozzle is brought in contact with the injection port of the die.

Wax is injected top-down into the die. This machine offers full pressure, flow – rate, temperature and dwell time controls.

Single Shot Size 7Kg / Injection
Wax Reservoir Capacity 14 Kg. The tank is heated with heaters of Reputed make. The tank is insulated on all Sides with Ceramic fiber. The temperature is PID controlled.
Maximum Daylight 350mm Distance between nozzle & table
Minimum Daylight 50mm Distance between nozzle & table
Nozzle Center 300mm
Work Table 1250mm x 790mm
Work Table Height 700mm from floor
Drum Diameter 450mm (with cooling provision)
Nozzle Tip Spherical radius R – 8mm
Injection Pressure 100 kg/cm2
Clamp Pressure 130 kg/cm2
Injection Dwell Time Settable range 0 – 999 seconds.
Filling By Vacuum.
Wax Temp source Maintain By Thermic Oil
Hydraulic Pumps Yuken
Hydraulic Reservoir 100 Liters max
Hydraulic Components All DC & Pressure Reducing Valve (Make : Rexroth)
Motor 5 Hp, 1440 rpm, Crompton/ABB/Equivalent make.
Oil Filter & Breather Hydro line/Hydex makes
Pressure Gauge Glycerin filled – Delta / equivalent make.
Cylinder Seals Polyurethane seals with pressure ring and bronze filled Teflon Wipers.
Cycle Manual And Semi-Automatic optional (PLC – Mitsubishi)
Control Panel Provided with three phase mains indicators, Power Switch, fuses, neutral link, digital temperature controllers. All components of reputed make such as Schneider/L & T Or equivalents are used.
Color Machine electrical panel door and cover - Advait grey with Powder coat, Machine basic color - Advait White.
Machine Total Power 7 Kw