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The prepared slurry from the slurry mixer is feed to the slurry pot. This machine is also known as dipping pot, as wax trees are dipped into slurry held in this pot. This slurry is kept under continuous stirring throughout its use, in order to prevent the setting or separation of heavier refectories used in the slurry.

Type Rotating drum, stirred uniformly with L Type baffle.
Vessel 600mm Diameter x 600mm Height.
Stirrer An 'L ' type baffle, made from SS angle (75 x 75 x 6mm) Is movable on the inner periphery of the vessel.
Mounting The rotating SS vessel is mounted on mounting flange – Provided with a steel shaft, both precision machined & Aligned.
Motor Rating 1.5 Hp
Safety The rotating vessel is covered on all sides with a heavy MS Guard. This prevents the worker from coming in contact with The rotating drum.
Drive Gear Motor - Bonfiglioli Make Belt Drive.
Color Mahindra Grey
Tank Revolution 24 rpm
Machine Total Power 1125 W