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The wax melter is a wax-melting machine. Purchased IC Wax is in the form of solid slabs. This is melted and brought to certain pre-determined temperature before transferring it to the conditioning tank.

The wax melting machine is using for melting the solid wax slabs as per pre determine temperature.

Wax Melting Capacity 300 Liters
Thermal Insulation The melting chamber is insulated on all sides with 64 Kg/m3 Ceramic fiber and clad with Coated MS sheet for protection
Heat Source Law current density electrical heaters
Tank Size Diameter 800mm x Height 1000mm
Tank Mat. S.S.304
Working Temp. 120 degree
Electrical Load 10 Kw.
Wax drain 1'' heavy-duty ball valve.
Control Panel Provided with mains indicators, Heater on/off indicators, Power Switches, Fuses Control Switches & Digital controller The Panel is designed with separate power circuit.
Machine Total Power 10 Kw
Color Blue bell white